BUZZ JACK - Reviewed by Urbanfairy on 3 Jul 2014
‘This Is Who I Am’ is the new Neo Soul track from the always amazing Lateefah. With smooth soulful vocals alongside some laid back instrumentation,‘This Is Who I Am’makes for a deeply relaxing soul single. On this track Lateefah appears to show a new talent other than her gorgeous singing voice but she appears to rap a bit also! The song writing in this song is extremely mature and it really is a credit to Lateefah that her writing abilities are clearly way beyond her age. Having already seen some great success with her previous releases and the fact that she has musical genes (her dad founded the 70’s Reggae band, Cygnus) things are only looking up for the super talented Lateefah. With ‘This Is Who I Am’ due for release July 14th I will certainly be watching out for this young songstress.

This caribbean beat creates a classical/Jazz take on the reggae slowjam genre. Its got a soft and sultry tone with really cool lyrics.  Sweetbeatsmusicblog 



"We got our head into this one as it soft and sultry reggae tones make for an exciting and overwhelmingly relaxing listening experience.” Head In The Soundcloud 

"It grabs you first time because...the simple yet sophisticated beat accompanies a great opening verse, full of attitude and seduction. It's great to hear a fresh reggae soul sound" - Colour Me Stunned 

 "The soft and sultry tones create a classy edge"Booze & Reviews
 "This soft track will guide you calmly through the strenuous and relaxing movements of yoga brilliantly"” Witness to Fitness
"This track sparkles like the Caribbean water reflecting the sun"”Blissful Blog 

Chase this tune… it will keep you feeling cool calm and relaxed all through the summer. Its soft beat and amazing showcase of reggae sounds is a winning combination.